Prof. Dr. med.

Dr. h.c. Manfred Dietel


About Prof. Dietel:

Prof. Manfred Dietel was born in the 9/10/1948; Studies of human medicine at Hamburg; 1983 Associate Professor for Anatomic Pathology, University of Hamburg; 1989; Full Professor and Director of the Institute for Anatomic Pathology of the Christian Albrecht's University in Kiel, Germany; 1990 Member of the "Medizinausschuss des Wissenschaftsrats" of the FRG (advisory body of the German government regarding science, research and education); 1991 Member of the Commission of the Wissenschaftsrat for the Evaluation of the Medical Faculties in the former East Germany; 1991 Member of the Continuous Committee for Research and Education of the German University Association; 1993 Director of the Institute for Anatomic Pathology and of Charité, Humboldt-University in Berlin, Germany; 1997-99  Dean of the Medical Faculty of the Charité; 2001-04  Medical Director and Managing Director of Charité; 2002 Member of the Board of Directors of the Association of German University Hospitals; 2004; Member of the Board of Directors of the German Society of Pathology; 2007-11 President of the German Society of Pathology

Scientific interests: Molecular tumor pathology, evaluation of biomarker, targeted therapy, drug resistance, telepathology.

More than 200 peer review articles and book chapters.

Several scientific awards and honours.

Editor and reviewer of several scientific journals.

More informations about Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. Manfred Dietel:


Clinical & scientific priorities:

Special Activities

Hospital Management, Governmental and Committee Services (selection):

Special activities in hospital and research management, work flow analyses, medical structural organization of university hospitals and international co-operations. Out of these activities the following memberships have been taken for a certain period of time:



"Medizinausschuss des Wissenschaftsrats" of the Federal Republic of Germany

Commission of the Wissenschaftsrat for the Evaluation of the Medical Faculties in the former GDR

Central Commission of the German Aid for Cancer

Continuous Committee for Research and Education of the German University Association



·   Member of the Board of the European Soc. of Pathology

·   Member of several advisory board of the industry, e.g. Roche, Novartis, Qiagen, Astra Zeneca, Amgen, Siemens, Definiens, BMS, MSD, Pfizer and several more.

·   Director of the board of directors of Tianjin Sino German Pharma Park Management Ltd., (China)

·   Director of the board of directors of provitro GmbH (AG), Berlin


University Faculty:

Academic Senate of the University of Kiel.

Dean of the Medical Faculty, Humboldt-University Berlin

Medical Director of  the Charité and Head of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors of the Assoc. of German University Hospitals

Board of Directors of the German Soc. of Pathology

EORTC - Preclinical Therapeutic Models Group

Member of the search committee of more than 80 chairs in Hamburg, Kiel and Berlin.


Diagnostic Pathology:

Daily diagnostic work on the whole range of biopsies and surgical specimen from the University Hospital Charité and affiliated hospitals (> 70.000 cases p.a.) including the application of special technologies like immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy, PCR based molecular diagnostic (clonality testing, detection of micro-organisms etc.), comparative genomic hybridization, next generation sequencing (amplicon), and several more.

The main fields are pathology of gynaecology, breast, lung, gastro-intestinum, kidney, uro-genital tract, infectious diseases, soft tissues and some more. On addition molecular pathology, i.e. companion diagnostic for precision medicine, is another focus gaining more relevance.

A special focus is laid on telepathology and virtual microscopy.


Scientific/academic fields of interest (short selection):

Molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and cytostatic drug resistance, molecular diagnostic.

Biomarker evaluation and molecular detection.

Test systems for personalized (targeted) therapy, e.g. next generation sequencing.

Endocrine pathology, in particular interaction of hormones with benign and malignant growth, endocrine regulation of calcium homoeostasis.

Cell growth in vitro of benign and malignant tumors, e.g. gastro-intestinal, breast, ovarian and mesenchymal origin.

Prediction assays of prognosis of malignant tumors such as ovary, breast, prostate.

More than 250 peer review articles and publications in book chapters (details see list of pub­lications), among others editor of HARRISONS Internal Medicine, German edition, 15th and 16th .

Personal research funding from various sources over the last 5 years > 2.8 million Euro.


Key note lectures

Gordon Conference on Chemotherapy of Experimental and Clinical Cancer: "Anti-Sense Ribozymes to Modify Cytostatic." (1994)

Invited speaker of the Humphrey Oei–Lecture, Singapore Intern. Cancer Ctr.

Presidential Lecture  „Molecular Pathology of Breast Cancer“, Annual Meeting of the German Society of Oncology and Hematology

Università di Padova, on occasion of 300 years anniversary of the  University of Padua

Japanese Soc. of Pathology, Tokyo

Turkish Soc. of Pathology, Istanbul/Izmir

Italian Soc. of Pathology (SIAPEC), Rom


Methods of interest:

Cell culture, immunocytochemistry, electron microscopy, DNA-cyto­photometry, in-situ hybridization, PCR, molecular pathology, next generation sequencing, LOH analyses, DNA-arrays, methylation arrays, telepathology, virtual microscopy.


Teaching experience:

Main lecturer of anatomical, surgical and experimental pathology, Charité (Hauptvorlesung)

Organizer and seminar leader for students of the Humboldt University

Guest lecturer for continuous education in Berlin, Hamburg and Kiel (Germany)

More than 100 invited lectures to institutions around the world


International Exchange (short summary in alphab. order) :

China: Intensive cooperations have been established with several Chinese Universities, such as Tongji University Shanghai, Second Military Medical University Shanghai, Third Military Medical University Chonghin, High School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Dept. of Pathology, Hangzhou, Beijing University.

A focus is set to the development of new pathology labs in China in cooperation with Virchow Laboratories Group Ltd., Shanghai / Beijing. The first two labs are already working at the Dong Fang Hospital Shanghai.

Cuba: There is a longstanding cooperatiopn between sveral colleagues of the Habana University and the Charité which is particularly focussed on experimental and surgical pathology. Infectious diseases, heard diseases and different problems of oncology have been the issues of the scientific exchange. As a result of this a number of scientific publications and exchange programms have been established.

Italy: Continuous joint ventures with the Universities of Milano, Trieste and Bologna with several educational programmes for students and young scientists (Profes. Eusebio, Viale, Coggi, Stanta et al.). Honorary member of the Adriatic Soc. of Pathology.

Poland: Initiation of a contract of scientific and medical cooperation as well as student´s exchange between the Medical University of Wroclaw and the Medical Faculty of Humboldt-University, Berlin, as basis of many activites in the framework of Erasmus and Socrates Programms (EU).

Longstanding cooperation with Polish scientists, e.g. with Prof. M. Zabel (Wroclaw) since 1982 as a Humboldt Scholarship holder with many joint publications, Prof. Szymas (Poznan) in telepatholgy since 1999, Dr. Surowiak (Wroclaw) as scientific co-worker in experimental pathology since 2002. Intensive exchange activities for polish physicians and students for surgical education, last example A. Szajerka (Wroclaw) in 2004.

United States: Many scientific exchange programmes with longstanding cooperations e.g. between Johns Hopkins of Baltimore (Profes. Kurman; Epstein, Sanfilippo et al.) Universities of California and Los Angeles (Prof. K. Scanlon) and Univ. of Chicago (Prof. Beck et al.). There are several ongoing scientific projects, e.g. on the prediction of cytostatic drug resistance, on the prognosis of ovarian cancer etc..


Memberships (selection)

Member of the Special Research Unit “Endocrinology” (SFB 34), the Special Research Unit “Receptors”  (SFB 232) and the Special Research Unit “Hyperthermia” (SFB 273).

Member of several national and international scientific societies, such as

American Ass. Cancer Research, International Soc. Cancer Gene Therapy, European Soc. Pathology, German Soc. Endocrinology, Berufsverband Deutscher Pathologen, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pathologie, International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC), Chinese Soc. of Clin. Oncol (CSCO).


Editorial Board of Scientific Journals

Managing Editor of "Virchow's Archiv"

International Editorial Board of "Folia Histochemica et Cytobiologica"

Editorial Board of “Pathology Research and Practice"

Editorial Board of "Veröffentlichungen aus der Pathologie"

International Editorial Board of "Bone and Mineral"

International Editorial Board "Cancer Gene Therapy"

International Editorial Board of “Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and Oncology“

International Editorial Board of “Oncology-International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment“


Manuscript Reviews (in addition to the board activities above)

Cancer Research


nature med


Intern J. Cancer

nature medicine


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