Admistrative Director Dr. Zhang Cheng


Basic information:

Mrs. Zhang Cheng, Date of birth: 1975

Location: Pudong, Shanghai



Education background:

Xinjiang Medical College, major in pharmacy, Bachelor

Shanghai Medical College, major in Clinical Medicine, Specialist


Continuing education:

Fudan University Network Management College International Trade, 2001.7-2003.7

Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai College MBA Program, 2005-2006


Work Experience:

I worked for the leading medical technology company listed on the New OTC Market and the industry. At the same time, I participated in the establishment of two biotechnology companies, and had deep understanding and practical experience in the company's internal operation management and marketing.

Shanghai Biotecan Medical Laboratory, Co., Ltd

Shanghai Regional Director   2010.11—2017. 12

  • Joined in the founding period of Biotecan, participated in the establishment of the sales department, was responsible for the formation and teaching sales team in the early stage;
  • Focused on the business development and after-sales maintenance of the Shanghai area, with Shanghai as the axis to radiate the hospital market in some surrounding urban areas. And the research and Clinical sales in Shanghai's third-grade class-A hospitals coverage rate reached 40%. Individual and team sales continue to lead;
  • Proficient in academic sales model. Establish academic communication channels, around the oncology leader to establish a KOL service system, effectively assist the marketing department, the medical department to enhance the reputation of the industry;
  • Good at hospital compliance construction. Opened the in-house fee channel of two third-grade class-A hospitals in Shanghai.

    Shanghai Huiming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    Sales Manager & Regional Manager   2006.7—2010.11
  • Responsible for the sales of tumor product lines and some antibiotic line, successfully developed multiple key markets, e.g.: Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, shanghai changzheng hospital,  shanghai Shuguang Hospital, etc., Exceeding individual KPI every month.
  • Manage sales team of Shanghai region. Exceeding team KPI every month. Cultivate a group of sale backbones whom dispersed in the East China region.

Shanghai Zhongnan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Assistant to the general manager, 2002.10—2006.7

  • Responsible for the company's internal operation management and government affairs.
  • Responsible for declaration of scientific research fund.


Xinjiang Petroleum Company Office in Shanghai

Health care doctor, 1999.5—2002.8

  • Responsible for the medical services of the oil companies coming to Shanghai and the medical and health services of the institution, and then resigned from the state-owned enterprises to buy out their working years.


Xinjiang Karamay Central Hospital

ENT Physician & Medical Officer   1997.7—1999.5

  • The daily work of the bed doctor. Later was transferred to the Medical Service to assist in the handling of medical services and medical disputes.














复旦大学网络管理学院国际贸易专业(成人高考)  2001.7-2003.7

交通大学安泰学院MBA课程  2005-2006













新疆石油公司驻沪办事处   保健医生1999.5—2002.8



新疆克拉玛依市中心医院   五官科医生&  医务处干事   1997.7—1999.5