The focus of the Virchow Laboratories – Institute of Pathology - Shanghai EAST Hospital - Tongji University


The focus of the institute is tissue-based patho-histological diagnostics, including frozen section service, complemented by most mordern immunological and molecular analyses as prerequisite of precision medicine.


Whenever necessary the primary histo-diagnostic is extended by immunological and molecular analyses aiming on the evaluation of prognosis and prediction of treatment efficiency (target therapy, check point inhibitors). This comprehensive diagnostic procedure provides the basis for many clinical decisions. As an example, modern up-to-date cancer treatment can only be set in place after the combined histo/immune/molecular analyses of tumor tissue are properly done and reported to the clinician. This is also true for many infectious diseases.


The routine duties are supplemented by research work, in particular in the field of clinical studies, cancerogenesis, biomarker detection and evaluation as well as new technologies of artificial intelligence, e.g. deep learning, intelligent algoritms etc.