NEWS ARTICLE 12.16.2015

The festive opening ceremony of the Virchow Laboratories - Institute of Pathology Shanghai East Hospital – Tongji University

at november 18, 2015. Look the first pictures of the ceremony.


NEWS ARTICLE 10.31.2015

Personalized medicine is based on modern predictive pathology combining classical morphology, immunohistochemistry, digital telepathology and molecular techniques to the benefit of the patient. This will be excecuted on an internationally recognized level by the newly establisched German-Chinese joint laboratory, the Virchow Laboratories - Institute of Pathology Shanghai East Hospital – Tongji University



Important Pathologists settling the Basis of Todays Anatomic and Molecular Pathology
and the Scientific and Medical Sino-German Relationship.




Today’s Challenges in Anatomic and Molecular Pathology

The most important goal of diagnostic pathology today is to extract from the patient’s tissue as many information as possible to predict pre-therapeutically the response of infections or individual tumors to certain (targeted) drug(s).


This goal will be achieved by applying in parallel classical, immuno-logical and molecular techniques completed by virtual microscopy. These information enable clinical doctors to discuss the case in an interdisciplinary tumor board and to assign the optimal treatment to the benefit of each individual patient.

This is the prerequisite for personalized medicine.

The Overall Concept
of Todays Sino-German

The crucial and indispensable prerequisite of an adequate treatment stands on the ground of a reliable and reproducible diagnosis. This is true for infectiology and in particular oncology, which almost always relies on tissue based diagnostics, i.e. anatomic and molecular pathology.


This awareness was the major reason to initiate the cooperation between East Virchow Pathology Institute, supported by the Institute of Pathology, Charité-University Hospital Berlin, and  DongFang Hospital - Tongji University, Shanghai”.


Prof. Manfred Dietel  //  Liu Zhongmin

Multidisciplinary Cooperation Enables Personalised Oncology

For both, clinicians and pathologists, molecular pathology will be opportunity as well as challenge in the years to come.


In agreement with the German Society of Pathology, the Federal Association of German Pathologists and several international scientific societies we have summarized the main clinical indications, which require molecular analyses on a daily basis.

In this breviary only already clinically relevant, i.e. established diag-nostic procedures are included. In this or that case further examinations may be necessary with respect to a stepwise diagnostic algorithm providing the basis for adequate treatment.

Prof. Manfred Dietel

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